Transport Minister Zhelyazkov Tells BNT Case with Libyan Tanker Private Lawsuit

Transport Minister Zhelyazkov Tells BNT Case with Libyan Tanker Private Lawsuit

January 8 (BTA) - The dispute over the Lybian tanker "Badr" is a private lawsuit, which has managed to acquire a diplomatic hue, which makes it appropriate to discuss, Transport Minister Rossen Zhelyazkov told Bulgarian National Television's morning show on Tuesday.

Receivables of the Bulgarian Bulgargeomin company from 1989 are at the bottom of everything, according to the Minister. The receivables have been acknowledged by the Libyan judicial authorities, he says. The company has undergone a series of transformations during this relatively long period of time (since 1989), ranging from insolvency, sale of rights and obligations, etc. In the end, things came to the fact that the Bulgarian company has exercised a ship mortgage, which documents show to be have originated in Greece, Zhelyazkov explains, adding that the ship is now under Panamian flag.

The 24 Chassa daily newspaper reported in a Monday story that Libya has declared intentions to arrest all Bulgarian ships that enter its waters, as well as any vessel that has among its owners a Bulgarian company or such registered in Bulgaria. This order was issued by the chief of Libya's maritime authority, Omar Al-Jawashi, and sent out to all Libyan ports. Copies of it have appeared on various Arab news outlets. Tripoli and Sofia are on the brink of a maritime war after the Lybian tanker "Badr", which has spent a year and a half at the port in Bourgas over a case of compensations against Libya filed by a Bulgarian company, was taken by a private enforcement agent a few days ago. Libya claims that the ship was seized in a pirate-like fashion, using fake documents, and despite two court decisions on different instances in Bourgas. The forceful removal of the Libyan flag is seen as an infringement on national sovereignty, which is why Tripoli plans to refer the case to the UN Security Council, 24 Chassa said. MY


Source: Sofia