PM Borissov Orders Three Dismissals over Misstart of System for Electronic Road Vignettes

January 5 (BTA) - Two senior officials in the Road
Infrastructure Agency (RIA) and an advisor of the Regional
Development and Public Works Minister have been dismissed on an
order of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, over the failed start of
 the system for electronic road vignettes, the government's
information service said in Saturday. The three officials are:
Vesselin Davidov, a member of RIA's Governing Board in charge of
 the e-vignette system, RIA's National Road Toll Administration
Director Anton Antonov, and Radoslav Nikolov, an advisor in the
political office of Regional Development and Public Works
Minister Petya Avramova.

Speaking at a news conference on Saturday, opposition Bulgarian
Socialist Party (BSP) leader Kornelia Ninova said that the case
of the failed e-vignette system requires "mandatory" resignation
 of ministers. Ninova accused the incumbents of "incompetence
and ignorance". The BSP leader warned of a looming problem with
how the tolls will be calculated and the coverage of the system.

At a news conference about the vignette problems also on
Saturday, Avramova said that after an analysis, it will be
decided how the selected contractor for the system, Kapsch, will
 be sanctioned. This is expected to be known next week.

Commenting the resignations demanded by the BSP, Avramova said
that "every minister carries their resignation letter in their
back pocket and that everyone is concentrated on doing their job
 well". RY/ZH

Source: Sofia