Prime Minister Borissov Proposes Mechanism for Vignette Fee Exemption

January 4 (BTA) - Regional Development and Public Works Minister Petya Avramova said at a press conference in the Council of Ministers here on Friday, following a meeting with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, that he had proposed to the National Association of Municipalities (NAM) a mechanism for exempting vehicle owners from a vignette fee for certain roads.

Municipalities should submit such demands to the Regional Development and Public Works Ministry, hence taking up maintenance of the given sections. The demands will first have to be approved by the respective municipal council, allowing for the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) to transfer the given road section to the municipality. Avramova said that in a few weeks, NAM should inform its members of the proposal.

Daniel Panov, NAM Board President, recalled that there are dozens of municipalities that used this legal scheme, causing certain road sections to become municipal properties. He said in a few weeks he will inform the government about the municipalities' decisions, noting that the issue at hand is whether this should be done when the 2019 municipal budgets are approved.

Ivan Portnih, Varna Municipality Mayor, said he will ask the Municipal Council to review within the master plan the proposal for the exclusion of Varna roads from the national road network. Portnih added that the municipality has the financial means necessary for their maintenance.

Borissov apologized to people for the difficulties they have encountered when buying e-vignettes. "When one starts digitalization, there is always a period of turbulence," said he, adding that he hopes the sale process will be under control in 10 to 15 days.

Svetoslav Glosov, Head of the RIA, noted that a software for the ATM sale of vignettes will be developed in several days. He said over 90 per cent of cars have vignettes expiring in January.

Anton Andonov, RIA's National Road Toll Administration Director, said on Thursday that the digitalizing of vignettes has been held back because of numerous fraud attempts. RY/TH


Source: Sofia