Lv 22 Mln Saved under Bulgarian EU Council Presidency Budget


Lv 22 Mln Saved
under Bulgarian EU Council
Presidency Budget

Sofia, December 19 (BTA) - Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council Minister Liliyana Pavlova said here at a Wednesday Council of Ministers press conference that the expenditures saved under the Bulgarian EU Presidency's budget totalled 22 million leva. Pavlova noted that the total budget amounted to 166 million leva and, save for repairs and equipment funding, the presidency itself cost 62 million leva.

The government adopted the final report on the EU Presidency on Wednesday, and Pavlova analyzed Bulgaria's organization of the presidency. Commenting a question on the Mobility Package, she said that Bulgaria will continue to protect the interests of Bulgarian truck carriers in order to ensure the most favourable conditions possible in all categories of the directive.

As upcoming topics to work on, Pavlova noted reaching a joint European decision on the Common European Asylum System and on the banking and energy union regulations.

In relation to the upcoming Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, Pavlova said that topics concerning Bulgaria are the multiannual framework and the 2019 EU budget, migration, digital Europe, and Brexit debates in the context of protecting the interests of Bulgarian citizens and students living in the United Kingdom.

Pavlova said that a National Assembly session on Thursday should adopt a decision to adjourn her Ministry and to dismiss the team. In a response to a question, she said she expects to return to Parliament.

"Thanks to the presidency, we changed Bulgaria's image and increased trust towards the country, both during the presidency and before and after it, and we proved we meet all criteria both for the Schengen Area and for the Euro area," Pavlova said. RY/TH


Source: Sofia