Parliament Passes Conclusively Amendments to Spatial Development Act

Parliament Passes Conclusively Amendments to Spatial Development Act


Parliament Passes Conclusively
Amendments to
Spatial Development Act

Sofia, December 19 (BTA) - Parliament Wednesday passed conclusively revisions to the Spatial Development. The MPs put off by two years the enforcement of requirements for the existence of master plans as a necessary condition for changing the intended purpose of the land outside urbanized territories, as well as other restrictions related to the draft of master plans for certain territories of the settlements and their land-use areas. The deadline was January 1, 2019, but the revisions extended it to January 1, 2021. The delay was occasioned by the fact that a large portion of municipalities do not have approved and effective master plans yet.

The motion of Danail Kirilov of GERB and a group of MPs for amendments to the Concessions Act putting off by two years (from January 1, 2019, to January 1, 2021) the enforcement of the provisions according to which beaches are to be awarded under concession caused debates in plenary. Now these are awarded under the procedure of the Black Sea Coast Spatial Development Act.

Kirilov argued that there are pending concession procedures. An ordinance of the Ministry of Tourism is also challenged and the disputes make it expedient to extend the time-limit, he said.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party objected sharply to this motion, attributing it to clandestine interests and blaming the incumbent of doing everything in the dark and at the last moment.

Valeri Simeonov of the United Patriots also said he does not agree with the suggestion. Putting off the law by two years will mean continuing handing out of concessions in the dark under the direct management of the Ministry of Tourism, he said. That is not in the interest of the tourist branch but rather of a group of concessionaires.

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova came to the plenary chamber to provide arguments in favour of the amendments. She said that if the deadline is not extended, there will be chaos in beach management and there might be problems during the summer tourist season.

Finally, Kirilov withdrew his motion and the extension was waived. LI/BR


Source: Sofia