Borissov at High-Level Forum Africa-Europe

December 18 (BTA) - Addressing the High-Level
Forum Africa-Europe, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov
talked about the digitalization of the economy worldwide, a
process known as Industry 4.0, which experts term as the current
 industrial revolution. "Like every revolution, it opens up many
 opportunities but also poses challenges to the labour market
and the economy in general," the Government Information Service
quoted him as saying.

The forum mottoed "Taking Cooperation to the Digital Age" was
held in Vienna on Tuesday as part of Austria's EU Council
Presidency. It was opened by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz,
 President Kagame of Rwanda, who is the Chairman of the African
Union for 2018, and European Commission President Jean-Claude

The forum aimed to promote innovation and digitalization as
important enablers of the two continents' future development, so
 that everyone can benefit from the ongoing digital

Borissov stressed that digitalization greatly influences the
countries and societies by transforming products, processes and
business models in all sectors: from construction to health
care, agriculture and tourism.

The World Economic Forum estimates that after 2020, 90 per cent
of jobs will require digital skills. "It is no coincidence that
they were a major theme of the Estonia-Bulgaria-Austria Trio
Programme and a priority of Bulgaria's EU Council Presidency,"
said Borissov. He stressed that education is key to every
economy and the citizens' well-being. "That is why in the next
two years Bulgaria will invest 50 million euro from operational
programmes in the Education for Tomorrow project," said
Borissov. The project is aimed at the digitalization of
secondary education.

"The use of new digital technologies in all areas will promote
the development of the African economies and will help to attain
 the objectives set together by the EU and Africa," Borissov
also said. 

Until 2022, the EC is to provide 43 billion euro under the
Africa Fund, Borissov told reporters in Vienna, quoted by the
government's information service. In Borissov's words, Europe
underestimated Africa, which is not a winning strategy. "What
was discussed at the meeting was to encourage the private sector
 to invest in Africa and to improve the education there," he
said. LI/DD, ZH

Source: Vienna/Sofia