Price of Water Services to Increase in 2019

December 10 (BTA) - The price of water services across
the country will go up from January 1 2019, according to a
report of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. It will be
 put up for public consultation on December 17.

In Sofia, water will appreciate by 0.231 lv per 1 cu m, from
2.354 lv to 2.585 lv (VAT included), according to the
regulator's estimates.

The largest increase will be recorded in Burgas - by 0.268 lv
per 1 cu m, from 2.729 lv to 2.997 lv. In Varna the price will
go up by 0.123 lv to 3.907 lv per 1 cu m. In Plovdiv water will
go up by 0.016 lv per 1 cu m, from the current 2.20 lv. Water
will appreciate in Montana and Vratsa. However, the regulator
says that the proposed price exceeds the socially tolerable
level, which is why the price will be pegged at 2.967 lv per 1
cu m in Montana and 3.171 lv per 1 cu m in Vratsa.

In contrast, water in Kardzhali will decrease by 0.035 lv per 1
cu m, from 2.42 lv to 2.387 lv/cu m.

The regulator said that the new water prices have been set forth
 in the business plans of the water utility companies. In
addition, the regulator will take into account the annual
inflation rate and whether companies have made the planned
investments. Water in Kardzhali will go down due to
unimplemented investments.

By the end of December the regulator will determine the new
water prices in 2019. LI/PP


Source: Sofia