Segment of Border Fence Destroyed by Torrential Rain, Repairs Are Underway - Authorities

December 7 (BTA) - A segment of the
border fence on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, has been destroyed
 by torrential rain and is now being repaired, the Bourgas
District government said Thursday. Pictures of the ruined fence
dated December 4 went viral after they were posted by a
Socialist MP.

The Socialist party has repeatedly said that the border fence
poorly built and overpriced.

The Bourgas district authorities said that "a small segment" of
the 127-km fence in the territory of Bourgas District was ruined
 "by a huge mass of water, leaves, timber and stones".

The district government has a signed a contract with a company
which is now responsible for maintaining the border fence and
this contractor has immediately started work to restore the
ruined segment.

The statement says that border security is not compromised.

Bulgaria built the fence to keep illegal migrants from entering
across the green border. LN/RY/

Source: Bourgas, on the Black Sea