President Warns against Militarizing Black Sea

President Warns against Militarizing Black Sea


President Warns
against Militarizing
Black Sea

Sofia, November 30 (BTA) - Bulgarian President Rumen Radev is opposed to the militarization of the Black Sea. Asked by local media about the Bulgarian position on the tensions between Ukraine and Russia following the Kerch Strait clash, Radev said, as quoted by his press secretariat: "There is a real risk that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine may escalate but Europe should by no means become a hostage to Ukraine's home policy and ambitions. It is important to realize that we have no interest in militarizing the Black Sea, which would affect Bulgaria directly, and I hope the conflict comes to an end as soon as possible."

Radev called on all parties concerned to adhere to international law and not to violate legally established borders. "Ordinary sailors should not be made to pay the price of political confrontation," he said.

Taking a journalist's question about Bulgarian coal miners' protests and his planned meeting with trade unions, the President said he fully shares the miners' concerns. He noted: "The trade unions, the government and myself are of the same opinion: the Paris Agreement should be implemented without raising the targets."

He was adamant that Bulgaria should preserve the jobs of its coal miners. He expects to see a clear policy and a strategic commitment on the part of the government to ensure long-term employment for the miners. "That is why I have questions both to the trade unions and to the government, and I hope we will discuss them," Radev added.

Asked whether the position he will defend at the upcoming climate change conference in Katowice, Poland has been coordinated with the government, the President said he has received copies of the whole package of documents approved by the Council of Ministers and a set of written remarks for the Katowice conference, which he edited because they were not compelling enough. He said he will show the written remarks to the trade unions later in the day. He noted that he has not heard a clear position from the government on the future strategic development of the Bulgarian energy sector. LY/VE

Source: Sofia