Interior Minister Marinov Urges Regional Interaction in Fight against Corruption

November 26 (BTA) - Addressing a regional forum in Sofia
on the fight against internal corruption, Bulgarian Interior
Minister Mladen Marinov stated that since the fight against
corruption is not just a high priority of every government and
an indicator of the rule of law, but a sensitive issue for the
public, the national units must interact and apply good

The regional forum brought together interior ministry

The Interior Ministry quoted Marinov as saying that in view of
the common challenges, the Western Balkan countries should join
the Network for Enhanced Regional Cooperation of Internal 
Security Units (NERCISU) of Ministries of the Interior/Police.

The European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC), the Regional
Anticorruption Initiative (RAI), Bulgaria's Counter-Corruption
and Unlawful Assets Forfeiture Commission and NERCISU informed
the participants about their activity and offered support
through sharing of expertise and good practices, joint
operations and joint anti-corruption projects.

The delegates concurred on the need to build the ministries'
capacity and strengthen it with competent, loyal officers. The
discussion focused on the effectiveness of communication
mechanisms and operational information exchange.

NERCISU held its Third Annual Meeting as part of the regional
forum. The partners discussed anti-corruption policies and ways
to deal with internal corruption. German, British and American
experts talked about the latest trends and best practices. The
non-governmental sector's contribution to the law-enforcers'
anti-corruption efforts was highlighted. RY/DD 

Source: Sofia