PM Borissov Deplores Brexit Agreement Endorsement

November 25 (BTA correspondent Nikolay Jeliazkov ) -
"This day is historic but for its negative consequences because
a country such as the UK is leaving the EU,"said Prime Minister
Boyko Borissov on Sunday. He spoke on the heels of a EU summit
which backed an agreement between the EU and the UK setting out
the terms of UK's withdrawal from the union.

"The whole process is far from over, now the future relations
will be agreed over a period of more than two years,"Borissov
told Bulgarian journalists in Brussels.

He said that the Bulgarian government had made huge efforts to
protect the rights and interests of Bulgarian citizens who
reside in the UK and Bulgarian businesses. He said that under
the agreement the statute of EU citizens who live, work and
study in the UK is arranged through reciprocal guarantees. The
European Council accepted a proposal by Bulgaria to follow
closely whether the rights and interests of citizens are
respected  and equal conditions maintained.

Of the future relations with London the Prime Minister said that
 Bulgaria will continue to insist on close cooperation between
the special services and in the field of counter-terrorism,
non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, human and drug trafficking
 and financial transactions. Borissov said that in these areas
the UK will literally remain "part of the EU", because it is an
extremely important partner.

"I find it difficult to say how the EU will go forward without
the UK. We are against the introduction of visas because this
will be a huge step back," said Borissov taking a question on
the possibility for tighter conditions for travelling and living
 in the UK after Brexit. RY/PP

Source: Brussels