EU Presidency Trio Discuss Results of 18 Month EU Council Presidency Period


EU Presidency Trio
Discuss Results
of 18 Month EU Council Presidency Period

Vienna, November 23 (BTA) - EU Council Presidency Minister Liliyana Pavlova participated in a meeting of the EU Presidency Trio in Vienna on Friday, along with Estonian and Austrian government representatives, her Ministry said. The meeting was initiated by Minister Pavlova and organized by Federal Minister of Austria for European Affairs, Art, Culture and Media Gernot Blumel.

The aim of the meeting was to summarize progress made in implementing the Trio's programme over the past 18 months and the achievements of each Presidency in the context of its national priorities.

The continuity in the work of the three Presidencies on most of the policies and legislative dossiers was key to the implementation of the programme, said Minister Pavlova after the meeting. She recalled that the Estonian Presidency laid the foundations for completing the digital single market and that the theme of digital Europe remained a strategic priority during the Bulgarian Presidency, which made progress on nine of 13 legislative initiatives. The Austrian Presidency continued this work and remained committed to the negotiations for the next Multiannual Financial Framework focused on the needs of citizens.

"During the meeting we agreed that several themes proved more complex and the search for effective and generally acceptable solutions for all Member States will continue during the next Presidency," Minister Pavlova added.

The meeting was also attended by Victor Negrescu, the Romanian State Secretary of European Affairs, in order to ensure continuity with the next Trio Presidency States, starting with Romania from January 1, 2019.

The Presidential Trio Estonia-Bulgaria-Austria ends on December 31, 2018. LI/DT

Source: Vienna