Motorized Protest against Air Pollution Blocks Danube Bridge Border Checkpoint

ESD 17:00:01 10-11-2018

Motorized Protest Rally against Air Pollution
Danube Bridge Border Checkpoint

Rousse, on the Danube, November 10 (BTA) - A motorized protest rally against air pollution in Rousse briefly blocked traffic along a roundabout in the area of the Danube Bridge border checkpoint between Rousse and Giurgiu in Romania on Saturday.

The march started from the centre of the city. The protesters were driving slowly and impeded the normal vehicular traffic. Some wore face masks and carried posters reading "Help, we are being poisoned" and "Dirty air kills".

According to the police, more than 150 vehicles joined the march. The protesters left their cars in the area of the roundabout and started shouting "Clean air," "Mafia,", "Rousse is awake". This blocked the traffic which resulted in long lines of waiting vehicles.

The discontent continued in front of the auto parts plant in the Industrial Park in Rousse which is close to the Danube Bridge border checkpoint. While the protesters were there, the pungent smell which caused the protest could be felt.

After that some of the protesters returned to the centre of Rousse, where they expressed their discontent from the poor air quality in front of the building of the Town Hall and the Regional Administration. LN/ZH//

Source: Rousse, on the Danube