Iliana Iotova: EU Elections to be First Test of Measures for Fighting Fake News

November 9 (BTA) - Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova
 believes the EU elections will be the first serious test of how
 the measures for fighting fake news are implemented. She said
this at an international conference on "Fake News of True
Trolls" in Sofia's NDK Convention Centre on Friday.

The event was organized by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the
 Digital National Alliance with support by the Party of European
 Socialists, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Atlantic Treaty
 Association, the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute and the French

According to Iotova, the European Parliament  election campaign
will be completely different from previous years in terms of
messages, disinformation and mechanisms. "A number of documents
will be incorrectly interpreted for lack of knowledge about the
working mechanisms of the EU institutions," said Iotova, adding
that there is no universal test to check whether a piece of news
 is fake or disinformational, which makes a universal antidote

The Vice President said that the spheres to work on are
technical instruments and moral categories. She noted the
necessity for regulations, promotion of education and media
literacy, development of critical thinking, control over
children's activities on the Internet, and support for quality

Iotova also cited data from a research in Bulgaria showing that
around 1.8 million people daily come across a piece of fake
news. RY/TH

Source: Sofia