US's John Bolton Praises Bulgaria's Efforts in the Balkans

US's John Bolton Praises Bulgaria's Efforts in the Balkans

November 7 (BTA) - As he met with
Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva on Tuesday, the
national security advisor to the US President, John Bolton,
praised Bulgaria's efforts to ensure stability and prosperity in
 the Western Balkans, said Zaharieva's Ministry.

Zaharieva is on a visit to the US November 3 through 7 on the
invitation of Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. 

She told Bolton that Bulgaria puts lots of efforts in supporting
 the Euro-Atlantic prospects of the Western Balkans and will
continue to support its neighbours and friends. "I am happy to
hear from you that the US remains committed to this as well,"
she added.
The two officials discussed future cooperation between Bulgaria
and the US aiming to see the region continue the path of reforms
 and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Bolton said that Bulgaria's success as a leader in the region is
 important for his country.

He pointed out that materializing the Euro-Atlantic prospects of
 the countries in the Western Balkans and solving some open
issues among them will have direct effect on the interest of
foreign investors in the region.

During the longer-than-planned meeting the two sides exchanged
views on the situation in the Middle East and the peace process
there, and the situation in Syria and Libya.

Zaharieva told reporters that she had a frank discussion with

She also said she had invited Bolton to visit Bulgaria.

Another issue on the agenda of the meeting was the
diversification of energy supplies and the top Bulgarian
diplomat presented the plans of her government in this area.

Zaharieva thanked Bolton for the lasting commitment of his
country in the process of modernizing the Bulgarian Armed
Forces. RY/LN/

Source: Washington D.C./Sofia