Anti-trust Watchdog Starts Sectoral Analysis of Fuel Market

Anti-trust Watchdog Starts Sectoral Analysis of Fuel Market


Anti-trust Watchdog Starts
Sectoral Analysis of
Fuel Market

Sofia, November 6 (BTA) - The Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) starts a sectoral analysis of the fuel market in Bulgaria after media publications about growing fuel prices in filling stations in many cities, the CPC said in a press release.

The CPC notes the high social and economic significance of fuels and their direct effect on the entire economy of the country and says that it finds it necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the markets for production and retailing of motor fuels in Bulgaria at the background of international oil prices and the principles in the common European market.

The media reports say that motor fuel prices for end users have increased in many Bulgarian cities. Cases are reported of different prices of fuels in filling stations of one and the same chain. The reports also note that fuels are sold at prices much higher than the average European prices. Also, fuel prices in Bulgaria increase while international oil prices have dropped significantly.

Protest rallies were held in the past few weeks in many places in Bulgaria against the unreasonable increase of fuel prices. The protestors argue that fuel prices in Bulgaria do not change to reflect dropping international oil prices and instead grow incessantly, sometimes even exceeding the average European prices. It is argued that this happens no matter that Bulgaria has the lowest living standards and the lowest salaries in the EU. LY/ZH


Source: Sofia