BSP Leader Ninova Presents Alternative Budget, Continues to Demand Cabinet's Resignation

November 5 (BTA) - The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)
confirms its demand for the whole Government's resignation, BSP
leader Kornelia Ninova said, adding that early elections are
inevitable. She was commenting the political situation in the
country in front of journalists here Monday.

BSP presented an alternative budget for 2019 in front of trade
union, youth and agricultural organizations, people with
disabilities, doctors and teachers. The Socialists will not
register at the start of the extraordinary meeting in Parliament
 on Tuesday, when first reading of next year's budget
legislation is scheduled, but will participate in the debates if
 quorum is secured.

According to the Socialists' leader, Cabinet's budget is not
socially-oriented, because taxes on the poorest and most
vulnerable are being raised, such as people who drive old cars
and pay social insurance contributions on the minimum wage.

Meanwhile, Ninova described her party's alternative budget as
being demographically-oriented. BSP propose a one-time aid in
the amount of 6,400 leva for the birth of a second child to
parents who have both paid social insurance contributions. Tax
cuts are also proposed for young families.

There are measures for overcoming inequality, improving the
health and education, incomes, care for young people. The main
goal of these measures is to overcome the demographic
catastrophe, Ninova said.

She described as positive the incumbents' proposed increase of

BSP proposes the minimum wage to be set at 640 leva starting
next January, progressive income tax for natural persons, family
 income tax, 9 per cent VAT on medicines, 5 per cent on bread,
10 per cent corporate income tax.

Socialist MP Georgi Gyokov added that his party also proposes
recalculating pensions allocated as of December 31, 2013,
setting the pension ceiling at 1,560 leva and the maximum
contributory income at 3,900 leva.

Commenting the corruption scandal at the State Agency for
Bulgarians Abroad, Ninova said that Boyko Borissov's Government
has inflicted an unprecedented blow [against Bulgaria's
reputation] in front of Europe. This is why BSP believe that the
 whole Cabinet must go. The party demands that the people who
have been issued Bulgarian passports without justification are
found and their Bulgarian documents revoked. RY/MY

Source: Sofia