BTA-Organized 14th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media Is Closed in Skopje


BTA-Organized 14th World Meeting
of Bulgarian Media
Is Closed in Skopje

Skopje, October 27 (BTA) - "In 2019 we will host the largest media event in Bulgaria's history: the 6th News Agencies World Congress, which will take place in Sofia and in Plovdiv (as a European Capital of Culture) between June 12 and 16," Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) Director General Maxim Minchev said at the closing of the Fourteenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media here on Saturday.

"Traditionally, representatives of news agencies from nearly 150 countries attend the congress. The largest TV organizations and newspapers take part, and technological giants like Google and Microsoft have had an imposing presence in recent years," Minchev pointed out. He hopes that the Bulgarian State will help with the arrangements of this very expensive event, which is hosted and organized by BTA.

This year's Meeting of Bulgarian Media, organized by BTA and the Association of Bulgarian Media Worldwide, was mottoed "Media and Memory". Journalists of over 50 Bulgarian media of more than 25 countries across the world joined the forum (October 24-28). The topics discussed at the meting included "The Different Faces of Patriotism", "Business and National Duty", "Journalism vs Propaganda". The problems of Bulgarian media abroad, including the lack of financial support from the Bulgarian State, and problems of the expatriate Bulgarian communities were also on the agenda.

On the eve of the closing of the meeting, the participants watched a documentary about Mario Nestoroff (1936-1980), the best Argentine poet of Bulgarian descent. The film, entitled "Heart Like a Bird", was made by Axinia Ivanova and Ivan Tzankov of the Bulgarians in Argentina Association, which hosts a bilingual website ( and Internet radio. Participants from Argentina were newcomers to the World Meeting of Bulgarian Media.

The Fourteenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media took place with the support of Uni Hospital, First Investment Bank, UNIBank Macedonia, Sopharma and Minstroy. LI/LG

Source: Sofia