PM Dismisses as "Unserious" Opposition Calls for Resignation of his Cabinet


PM Dismisses as "Unserious"
Opposition Calls for Resignation
of his Cabinet

Turgovishte, Northeastern Bulgaria, October 27 (BTA) - Talking to journalists here on Saturday, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov dismissed as "unserious" calls by the opposition for a resignation of the Government and early elections.

Referring to a declaration of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), unveiled by MRF Chairman Mustafa Karadayi on Friday, which said that "early elections are inevitable under the circumstances," Borissov said that it is quite natural for the opposition to press for early elections.

"Regular elections are held once every four years, you enter these elections and govern. New elections would cost an extra 50 million leva," the PM said, recalling that his Government found 4 per cent deficit left from the previous cabinet of Plamen Oresharski (2013-2014). "Now the 2019 budget allocates half a billion more for education, more than half a billion for healthcare, 10 per cent pay rise for policemen, military, judicial security, doctors, half a billion more for municipalities, 150 million leva more for people with disabilities. What is collapsing?" Borissov asked rhetorically. In his opinion, the opposition is angered by the institutions' performance which produces results.

"Albeit with a delay, the Specialized Court and Prosecution Office, together with our services, show a strong will and professionalism and willingness and detain oligarchs. Or are they [the opposition] angry because the contraband [of cigarettes] has dropped from 34 per cent to 5 per cent and that thanks to the institutions' drive [against it] next year's budget will be able to spend billions more?" the PM commented. He recalled that the Oresharski Cabinet removed the Hemus Motorway from the programme for funding with EU money. LI/LG

Source: Turgovishte, Northeastern Bulgaria