Francesco Rocca: Bulgaria Can Be Proud of Its Civil Society

October 25 (BTA) - President of the International
Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Rocca said here on Thursday that Bulgaria can be proud of its
civil society, while the cooperation between the Government and
the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) serves as a model not only for the
 region, but for Europe as well. Rocca conferred with Deputy
Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev as part of his working visit to
Bulgaria, Cabinet's press service reported.

The two have discussed the good practices in the joint work
between Bulgarian institutions and the Red Cross societies, as
well as the potential for upgrading this model of cooperation at
 the regional level. BRC President Prof. Hristo Grigorov has
announced the organization's plans to build a large-scale centre
 with a storage facility and a unit for training paramedics and
volunteers, which can assist humanitarian activities in Bulgaria
 and the Balkans during crises and disasters.

Rocca has stressed the potential and achievements of the BRC
young volunteers and rescue teams, which help the institutions
during rescue operations and crises.

Later on Rocca met with Deputy Interior Minister Milko Berner,
who expressed satisfaction with the meeting and stressed IFRC's
importance for victims of natural disasters, accidents and

Berner listed a number of examples of the successful cooperation
 between his Ministry and the BRC throughout the years, noting
the invaluable help provided by the Red Cross during the migrant
 crisis. One of the current joint projects is the construction
of an accommodation centre for unaccompanied migrant children,
which is a matter of priority for the Ministry, Berner said.

Rocca in turn stressed the remarkable work of the BRC, which he
described as being among the best prepared national

IFRC will support the BRC in cooperating with neighbouring
countries and will assist with the building of a regional
logistical centre in this country, where volunteers from the
region can be trained and equipment needed for rescue missions
stored, it transpired from the meeting. RY/MY

Source: Sofia