Deputy PM Simeonov Asks Organizers of Protest in His Support Not to Hold It

October 23 (BTA) - Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov used the media on Tuesday to ask the organizers of a protest in his support, scheduled for Wednesday, not to hold it.

He explained that he had received support from employers' organizations and trade associations, such as a national homebrew organization, a farmers' association, automobile associations and some of the employers' organizations in Bulgaria, including the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

Simeonov explained he feels confident in what he does and does not believe that pressure from the streets should be exerted on the coalition or other partners.

The protest and counterprotest come in response to Simeonov's statement earlier this week, in which he described the protesting mothers of disabled children as "loud women with allegedly sick children".

Simeonov's words sparked strong reactions from various directions. Prime Minister Boyko Borissov apologized on Monday from Cabinet's name for Simeonov's words, but said he does not plan on demanding his resignation, because the government would fall. Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova in turn criticized Borissov, describing his words as being "even more cynical than Simeonov's". Speaking to university students on Tuesday, President Rumen Radev commented that "uncontrolled power leads to cynicism, and with cynicism there cannot be an effective governance".

Asked to comment the situation before the United Patriots coalition council scheduled for Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov said he does not believe the government should fall. RY/MY

Source: Sofia