Bulgarian Socialist Party Submits No-Confidence Motion


Bulgarian Socialist Party
No-Confidence Motion

Sofia, October 15 (BTA) - The opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) on Monday submitted to Parliament a motion of no-confidence in the government over its healthcare policy.

Under the parliamentary rules of procedures the debate on the motion should begin not earlier than three days and not after seven days since the filing of the motion. The vote takes place no earlier than 24 hours after the debate ends.

This will be the third no-confidence vote in the third Borissov cabinet. The previous two were over corruption and security.

BSP is suggesting an alternative including to the healthcare model, said leader Kornelia Ninova emerging from a meeting on Monday with the leaders of the Bulgarian Medical Association. It took place before the filing of the motion. She said that the meeting discussed healthcare funding, pricing of clinical pathways and medical service and the demonopolization of the National Health Insurance Fund.

BMA Chairman Ivan Madzharov said that the talks were very useful, voicing hope that
the right reforms in healthcare will be formulated at such meetings. LI/PP

Source: Sofia