Prosecution Checks Concession in Pirin National Park

Prosecution Checks Concession in Pirin National Park

Sofia, Match 7 (BTA) - The Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Cassation has launched a check into the concession awarded in Pirin National Park following an alert on February 26 by the Greens party.

The check has been ordered by Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov based on information about environmental irregularities and abuse of offices by representatives of the executive.

The alert listed multiple irregularities of the existing legislation related to the award and the implementation of the concession for areas in Pirin National Park. The petitioners have requested a check whether the concessionaire has exceeded the area set out in the contract, for the presence of outlets belonging to third persons and of a permit for new construction outside the concession area of set out in the contract. The petitioners also want a check of the connections between Ulen and the Bulgarian Ski Federation and how the budget allocation is spent.

The check will be completed within two months.

Source: Sofia