Commission for Protection from Discrimination Leaves without Consequences Complaint about Young Employee Salaries

Sofia, February 26 (BTA) - The Commission for Protection from Discrimination (CPD) has left without consequences a complaint of employer organisations related to Article 12 of the Ordinance on the Structure and Organisation of Wages, the Commission said Monday.

The alert of the employers states that the statutory difference permitted between the general remuneration of workers for their equal labour discriminates young workers who receive smaller total salaries because for the lack of working and professional experience they receive smaller payment for years of service. The alert also says that there is discrimination based on work in the public and the real sector by indicators of "personal" and "social status" due to the circumstance that additional payment for years of work and professional experience has been waived for civil servants.

According to the CPD, the provision of Article 12 is not a condition for discrimination of workers and employees on the basis of "age" and "personal and social status". Therefore, the Commission will not take action on the appeal.

The decision is liable to appeal.

Source: Sofia