Bulgarian PM Borissov Attends International High Level Conference on the Sahel in Brussels

Brussels/Sofia, February 23 (BTA) - Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov attended the International High Level Conference on the Sahel in Brussels, the government's information service said on Friday. Borissov said that security centres should be established close to conflicts so that after the end of the conflict people could return to their home country and aid its restoration. He said that only diplomatic means need to be used in respect of the measures aiding the peace process in such countries.

Borissov stressed the importance of continuing the agreement on readmission of migrants with Turkey. "If we guarantee border protection, agreements with neighbouring countries and security centres, where migrants can live, the discussion in the EU will run more smoothly," he said.

Borissov also said that Varna, on the Black Sea, will host a meeting of the francophones in the EU devoted to the Balkans. Speaking to Bulgarian reporters here, he said that the proposal came Friday from the prime ministers of Luxembourg, Belgium and France. "The better people know the Balkans, the easier and faster will many positive processes occur in the entire region," Borissov said.

Commenting the discussions about the EU budget contributions after Brexit, Borissov said that the better option for Bulgaria would be to have the contributions increased.

Commenting the suggestion whereby in the future the European Commission and the European Council have a joint head, Borissov voiced doubt that consent will be achieved.

Source: Brussels/Sofia