Fastest Launching of European Public Prosecutor's Officein Interest of All European Citizens

Sofia, January 12 (BTA) - It is in the interest of all European citizens that the European Public Prosecutor's Office starts functioning as quickly as possible. Priority will be attached to the institutionalization of the Office and the building of relations with partner institutions and services, as well as with the non-participating member-states of third countries, Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva said during the cluster meeting "External Relations, Security and Defence, Migration and Justice", Tsacheva's Ministry said.

Tsacheva stressed before the EU Commissioners that the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council relies on good communication and mutual cooperation for the structuring of the European Public Prosecutor's Office. "We are encouraged by the circumstance that the European Parliament gave a green light to the initiative with a vast majority," said Tsacheva.

In Tsacheva's opinion, the improvement of the trans-border access to electronic evidence and the development of a working mechanism for data storage are of key importance in the sector of justice. The introduction of a minimum standard at European level for the referral and fulfillment of legal assistance requests will be a useful instrument on the fight against crime. The measures will help the investigative authorities in the exercise of their competence.

Tsacheva recalled the ambition of the Bulgarian Presidency for successful completion of the trilateral talks on the proposal for an Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

* * *

Interior Minister Valentin Radev and EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management Christos Stylianides discussed the proposal for a change of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the Interior Ministry said.

The talks focused on preventive activities, the collective capabilities of the EU and the member states to react in the case of accidents, ensuring of flexibility and efficiency in administrative procedures as a part of the risk management cycle.

Radev assured the Commissioner that Bulgaria will work for the development and application of efficient mechanisms for enhancing the security of the EU nationals through the use of strategy for the reduction of risk of disasters which is a priority of the European Commission in the field of prevention.

Source: Sofia