Bank Profits Reach Lv 1,100 Mln in January-November 2017

Bank Profits Reach Lv 1,100 Mln in January-November 2017

Sofia, December 31 (BTA) - In November, banks' liquid assets increased by 0.4 per cent to 95.9 billion leva, the central bank said.

Deposits in the banking system increased by 0.3 per cent or 269 million leva. An increase was registered in the deposits of credit institutions (by 283 million leva), households (164 million leva) and nonfinancial corporations (by 169 million leva), and a decrease in those of other financial institutions (by 340 million leva) and the general governments sector (by 7 million leva).

As of November 31, 2017 the profit accumulated in the banking system amounted to 1,100 million leva (compared to 1,300 million leva in the same period of 2016). The impairment costs on loans and receivables for the first eleven months of 2017 were 626 million leva (compared to 678 million leva a year earlier).

The total equity in the balance sheet of the banking system at the end of November 2017 was 12.5 billion leva. It increased by 0.8 per cent in the month, mainly owing to growth of profits.

Source: Sofia