Natural Gas Price Goes Up 2.75% in Q1 of 2018

Natural Gas Price Goes Up 2.75% in Q1 of 2018

Sofia, December 28 (BTA) - The price of natural gas goes up by 2.75 per cent in the first quarter of 2018. The increase was approved by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission after an application by public gas supplier Bulgargaz EAS.

The regulator's decision sets the Q1 price at 52.65 leva per 1,000 cu m or 33.39 leva/MWh (pre-excise and VAT). It is 2.75 per cent higher than the price for the last quarter of 2017 and is formed on the basis of the applicable pricing model.

The approved new price includes a component for "public supply" (4.76 leva/1,000 nm3) and a component for "public obligation" (1.35 leva/1,000 nm3) which covers the costs of the operator for gas storage in the Chiren gas storage facility according to an emergency action plan.

The prices does not include the price of access to, and transmission along the gas transmission network and clients should pay these to the end-suppliers as per the approved pricing model.

The 2.75 per cent increase is not going to drive up the price of heating energy during the ongoing heating season.

The price of electricity for household and non-household users on the regulated market will stay unchanged, said the regulator.

Source: Sofia