Blue Card to Will be Issued for Up to Four Years

Blue Card to Will be Issued for Up to Four Years

Sofia, November 23 (BTA) - A Blue Card will be issued for a term of up to four years, the MPs decided. So far it was issued for a term of one year. The change was implemented through alterations of the Interior Ministry Act which amend the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act and the Workers' Migration and Mobility Act.

The EU Blue Card is granted to highly-skilled specialists from third countries, working shortage occupations and until now has been issued mainly to IT specialists.

Provided that the duration of the employment contract is shorter than four years, a EU Blue Card is issued for the duration of the contract plus a three-month extension. The document may be renewed if there are grounds for its extension.

A Blue Card can be granted to foreigners who are highly skilled workers within the meaning of the Workers' Migration and Mobility Act and have a working visa or a permit for a long stay in Bulgaria on another ground.

When applying for an initial access to the labour market and for extension of the duration of the Blue Card the foreigner will not be required to stay outside Bulgarian territory.

A short-term visa may be issued to a foreigner who wants to be engaged in seasonal work in Bulgaria of up to 90 days. Under the scrapped provisions workers - third-country nationals equipped with short-term visas were not entitled to an access to the Bulgarian labour market.

BSP for Bulgaria argued that this is fragmented law-making and it is not possible to adopt changes related to labour mobility through the Interior Ministry Act without an opinion of the National Assembly Social Committee. The Left commented that the trade unions are against these changes.

The United Patriots explained that the amendments aim to resolve the problems related to recruitment and contribute to the integration of the Bulgarian communities abroad.

GERB noted that the amendments have been complied with proposals of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation.

Source: Sofia