Bulgarian Medics on Humanitarian Mission Detained in Bosilegrad

Bosilegrad, November 11 (BTA) - Bulgarian medics on a humanitarian mission were detained in the Serbian town of Bosilegrad for several hours on Friday, said prof. Lozan Mitev, chair of the Western Outlands civic committee.

IMRO released a statement in connection with the detention.

Three doctors from Sofia organized a humanitarian mission to provide medical services to the Bulgarian population in Bosilegrad with a written consent from the local hospital, according to Ivan Nikolov, chief of the Bulgarian Cultural and Information Centre in Bosilegrad, which invited the medics. Checkups were suspended  several minutes after they had begun by the Serbian authorities, said Nikolov.

A medical inspector from Nis and some 20 police officers detained the Bulgarian medics and took them to the local police department. There they were held without being questioned or filling any documentation which makes unclear the reason for their detention. They were released several hours later.

Bulgarian Consul General to Nis Edvin Sugarev has taken the necessary steps to clarify the circumstances of the case.

The detention is a serious violation of the official Bulgarian-Serbian policy of cooperation and good-neighbourliness which aims to pave the ground for Serbia's EU accession, said Prof. Mitev.

According to IMRO, the humanitarian mission to help of vulnerable residents of Bosilegrad in need specialized medical care was failed. MEP Angel Dzhambazki will alert the European Parliament and the European Commission about the case on Monday.

The Bulgarian state should demand answers who ordered the detention of the Bulgarian doctors, according to IMRO.

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Belgrade Radko Vlaykov will raise the issue about the detention of the Bulgarian medics with the Serbian authorities on instructions by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva.

Source: Bosilegrad