Expert Environmental Council Approves Kresna Gorge Section Design of Struma Motorway

Sofia, October 12 (BTA) - A high-level expert council with the Environment Ministry on Thursday approved the East G10.20 design for the construction of Lot 3.2 (the section between Kresna and Krupnik) of the Struma motorway.

The East G10.20 separates traffic into two carriageways, with south-bound traffic moving along the existing I-1 road, while north-bound traffic will bypass the Kresna Gorge to the east.

The experts have taken into consideration a considerable number of opinions and objections that were submitted during the Environmental Impact Assessment on the alternative route designs, the results of the public discussions and the reports of independent experts on the Environmental Impact Assessment and a compliance assessment under Natura 2000.

Under the Environmental Impact Assessment compulsory measures under the Environmental Protection Act will be implemented throughout all stages of the construction.

In recent months several environmental organizations have opposed the selected design because it uses the existing road which they say threatens road safety. In addition in July, environmental NGO said they had petitioned the European Commission to intervene as the actions of the government breach the environmental impact assessements and EU legislation. A stretch of the existing carriageway between Krupnik and Kresna goes through a Natura 2000 site.

Source: Sofia