Bulgarian Socialist Party to be "Firm Opposition" in Parliament - Leader Ninova

Bulgarian Socialist Party to be "Firm Opposition" in Parliament - Leader Ninova

Sofia, April 11 (BTA) - GERB leader Boyko Borissov has offered the post of National Assembly speaker to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) on account of the good performance of the socialists at the March 26 early parliamentary elections, Borissov himself told reporters after a meeting Tuesday between representatives of GERB and BSP, which was also attended by BSP leader Kornelia Ninova.

The meeting was arranged by GERB. Its preliminary agenda included the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council next year, Brexit, and the migratory pressure.

Ninova declined the proposed post, saying that in the next Parliament her party with be "firm opposition".

Both GERB and the BSP stated that the talks excluded the topic of coalition, and that joint governance is impossible.

The two parties concurred that consensus should be sought in respect of two issues: the EU Presidency, and national security, both internal and external. Ninova said that there is one condition for support of the idea, namely, that this consensus is reached in Parliament. Ninova recalled that Borissov's last government eschewed attempted debates on important issues in the National Assembly. In her words, "GERB has now accepted to change this style of policy making, so that decisions in respect of the Bulgarian EU Presidency and the national security are to be made in the plenary chamber with joint documents".

Ninova said that the socialists are ready with ten bills in areas such as incomes and poverty, education, economy, justice, which the party will move already in the first days of the work of the new Parliament. The BSP leader said support will be sought with the other political forces in the National Assembly, or so-called floating majorities, for example about the recalculation of pensions.

Borissov said that he has invited meetings with the other formations represented in the new Parliament to discuss key priorities for Bulgaria, such as the EU Presidency, international affairs, and synchronization of parliamentary work. On Wednesday such a meeting will be held with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

Borissov said that common goals can be found in Parliament in respect of the national security, the Bulgarian EU Presidency, foods and Bulgarian manufacturing, new bills, amending old ones "so that the country can work normally in the coming months and years".

The BSP's other representatives attending the meeting were Kroum Zarkov, in charge of the BSP's international affairs, Georgi Gergov, in charge of coalition policy, and Valeri Zhablyanov.

GERB's representatives included Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Tomislav Donchev, and Delyan Dobrev.

Source: Sofia