Regional Transport Investment Conference Held in Sofia

Regional Transport Investment Conference Held in Sofia

Sofia, March 23 (BTA) - A Regional Transport Investment Conference is taking place in Sofia on Thursday and Friday, organized by the European Commission's Mobility and Transport General Directorate. Attending are the Commissioner for Mobility and Transport, Violeta Bulc, ministers and experts from the EU Member States involved in the planning and financing of Europe's transport infrastructure, representatives of the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership countries, banks and financing institutions.

Prime Minister Ognyan Gerdjikov stated at the opening that the forum was held at a highly expert level but also had a distinct political potential. "I expect to hear specific initiatives promoting infrastructure financing in Europe and smart solutions for the transition to effective, safe and sustainable mobility," he said.

Europe's successful transport policy of the last decade has established the corridor approach as a useful instrument of connecting neighbouring countries. "Being a Balkan country, Bulgaria welcomes the inclusion of the Western Balkans in the main transport network of united Europe," said Gerdjikov. The decision to expand the area to encompass the Eastern Partnership countries opens up new opportunities for cooperation in transport and for implementing mutually advantageous projects, according to the Prime Minister.

He stressed that Bulgaria has focused on the construction of modern East-West transport infrastructure. "Despite our short term, being a responsible government we have made railway transport our top concern," said Gerdjikov. "Transport Minister Hristo Alexiev and I have been acting in unison in this direction, we need prompt, bold decisions, resolute policies for the rescue and modernization of railway transport, serious investors, as well as support from our EU partners."

Source: Sofia