Boyko Borissov:GERB to Stay in Opposition If It Places Second in Elections

Boyko Borissov: GERB to Stay in Opposition If It Places Second in Elections

Sofia, March 2 (BTA) - Former prime minister Boyko Borissov said on Thursday that if his GERB party places second in the early parliamentary elections on March 26, it will stay in opposition and will not take part in the formation of the government. Borissov was on the morning talk show of Nova TV to discuss his failed debate with Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova.

With early parliamentary elections due on March 26, GERB leads in most polls by a very narrow margin.

Borissov said: "The only ones I would negotiate with for forming a government are the Reformist Bloc and the Patriots." The two entities were in the ruling coalition behind the second Borissov cabinet (November 2014 - January 2017) before the government resigned following the GERB candidate's failure in the presidential elections in November 2016.

In the Nova TV interview, Borissov described as "manipulative and false" recent allegations that Volya, the party of businessman-turned-politician Vesselin Mareshki, is being courted by GERB as a potential partner in the next government. The ex-prime minister said: "GERB and Mareshki's party have nothing in common. We cannot put together a coalition with Volya because our principles are different."

"My real concern is what will happen after March 26, because a very thorny path will have to be travelled until a government is formed. There have to be some normal people in opposition as well," Borissov said.

He denied that he has been avoiding a debate with Ninova because he is not comfortable with the subject of corruption.

"I sleep well at night, I am not worried about any checks by prosecutors. I know of no matter on which I have not done my best," he said.

Source: Sofia