ABV Rules out Coalition with BSP, GERB at Forthcoming General Elections

ABV Rules out Coalition with BSP, GERB at Forthcoming General Elections

Sofia, January 17 (BTA) - A coalition with the Bulgarian Socialist Party in connection with the forthcoming elections is impossible, the newly-elected Chairman of ABV, Konstantin Prodanov, said Tuesday, taking a question at his first news conference after the party's congress last Sunday. A coalition with GERB is not possible before or after the elections either, he added.

Before any post-election coalitions are produced ABV should be given the opportunity to prove itself, Prodanov appealed. In his opinion, ABV has made a mistake by taking a step towards power before it has achieved a clear outline of ideology. He also thinks ABV has put in too much effort to talk about the BSP instead of about itself.

All forces currently represented in Parliament which are expected to enter the next one do not make the new ABV leader enthusiastic as coalition partners. He does not see any problem in ABV taking the role of parliamentary opposition. In addition, according to him public opinion is currently being prepared for a major coalition between GERB and BSP.

In connection with the inauguration of president-elect Roumen Radev, Prodanov wished him to be more successful than his predecessor. In his opinion, Radev should schedule the date of the extraordinary elections immediately and should appoint a neutral caretaker government.

Taking a question, Prodanov said he does not know of any talks with general Miho Mihov /ABV/ sounding him to accept the position of caretaker minister of defence.

The new ABV Chairman expressed hope that the next Bulgarian EC commissioner will be nominated as soon as possible. In his opinion, it would be good if even the caretaker government comes out with the nomination because enough time has been lost. The moment of active diplomacy to preserve Kristalina Georgieva's portfolio has already been missed, he pointed out.

Source: Sofia