President Plevneliev Calls for Stronger Europe-US Transatlantic Ties

President Plevneliev Calls for Stronger Europe-US Transatlantic Ties

President Plevneliev Calls for Stronger Europe-US TransatlanticTies

Sofia, January 11 (BTA) - President Rosen Plevneliev and sixteen European political leaders have sent an open letter to US President-elect Donald Trump, urging him to strengthen the transatlantic ties between Europe and the United States, the President's press secretariat said.

The current and former officials of several Central and East European countries noted: "Russia's continuing efforts to destabilize Ukraine, and its illegal annexation of Crimea, threaten the peace, predictability and security that Americans and Europeans created together through our victory in the Cold War. We are concerned that the prospect of a new grand bargain with Russia will endanger this historic achievement."

"It would be a grave mistake to end the current sanctions on Russia or accept the division and subjugation of Ukraine. Doing so would demoralize those seeking a Euro-Atlantic orientation for that country. It would also destabilize our Eastern neighborhood economically and give heart to extremist, oligarchic and anti-Western elements there," the letter says.

"The wider damage would be grave too. The aftershocks of such a deal would shake American credibility with allies in Europe and elsewhere. The rules-based international order on which Western security has depended for decades would be weakened. The alliances that are the true source of American greatness would erode: countries that have expended blood, treasure and political capital in support of transatlantic security will wonder if America is now no longer a dependable friend."

"When the United States stands strong, we are all stronger - together," the European leaders said. They welcomed Trump's election as America's 45th president, and stated they are eager to work with his administration to sustain the powerful transatlantic Alliance. They warn that if Trump decides on a different course and makes a deal with Putin, it will have a serious adverse effect on both Europe and the United States.

Source: Sofia