Black Summer Truffles to Be Grown in Bulgarian Plantations

Black Summer Truffles to Be Grown in Bulgarian Plantations

Lovech, Northern Bulgaria, September 24 (BTA) - Black summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) will be grown in Bulgarian orchards. So far they have been picked only in forests.

Bulgaria is the largest exporter of this species of truffle, with about 150 to 200 tonnes exported every year.

Tsvetozar Michevski, owner of this country's largest truffle-buying and exporting company, told BTA inoculated seedlings were being imported and the black summer truffle would start to be grown in plantations in 2017.

He also said: "Our partners have reported very good yields in Italy and we hope this can happen in Bulgaria too." Earlier attempts have failed, said Michevski, but success is guaranteed now because this particular species grows everywhere in Bulgaria.

Black summer truffles can be grown anywhere provided there is a water source nearby.

The black summer truffle is most widespread in Northeastern Bulgaria, but is gathered elsewhere, even in parks. Many people have started truffle-picking as a hobby only to make it a livelihood.

Some 10,000 people in Bulgaria collect truffles and their number is growing.

Prices are dictated by supply. Currently one kilo of truffles sells at 300 leva for prime quality, and 60 leva for the next best quality. Ninety-nine per cent of the harvest is exported because truffles are not traditionally used in cooking and Bulgarians do not hold them in high esteem.

Michevski is one of the organizers of the First Truffle Festival in Ugurchin (near Lovech) on September 23-24.

Source: Lovech, Northern Bulgaria