President Calls for Adoption of Bulgaria 2030 Agenda

President Calls for Adoption of Bulgaria 2030 Agenda

Sofia, March 1 (BTA) - Opening a discussion in Sofia on Tuesday, President Rosen Plevneliev called for the adoption of a Bulgaria 2030 Agenda based on the UN sustainable development goals and the Europe 2030 Agenda. Plevneliev said the future instrument should also take into account the national goal of building a socially responsible economy and a functioning democracy. It should be accepted by all and its implementation should be reviewed every year, he said.

"Some politicians in Bulgaria have restarted the debate and have begun to talk about new doctrines. Are we going to redefine the national ideal set out by Levski?", Plevneliev asked, referring to freedom fighter Vassil Levski's concept of Bulgaria becoming a "pure and holy republic" equal to the other European nations. "We are preparing to write strategies again. Wasn't this done already in the judicial system? Do you know how many promises have been made, how many strategies have been written? Five. We are now going to write a sixth one. But where are the results?", he said.

Plevneliev also commented on a parliamentary inquiry into possible interference by Russia and Turkey in Bulgaria's internal affairs. "I ask myself again: do we realize that what is expected from us is very simple - instead of seeking an absurd, unnecessary, impossible balance with countries to the east of Bulgaria, we need to behave like Europeans, to be Europeans," he stated.

The discussion was organized by the United Nations Global Compact Network Bulgaria, which brings together businesses, NGOs and academic institutions. It aims to encourage Bulgarian companies to take new responsibilities for the implementation of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations until 2030. The participants in the meeting heard a presentation of a strategic plan for implementing the goals in Bulgaria.

Source: Sofia