Women's Hockey Coach Has Mixed Feelings about Unified Korean Hockey

Women's Hockey Coach Has Mixed Feelings about Unified Korean Hockey


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 South Korean women's national hockey team coach Sarah Murray expressed her feelings about having to include players from North Korea for the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

 She promised to do her best for the unified team, but clarified her stance that there will be no special privileges given to North Korean players.

 Cha Ji-yeon has more.


 The women's ice hockey squad is the first unified Korean team to appear at the Olympics.

 It represents a step toward reconciliation on the divided Korean Peninsula. But it strips opportunities from South Korean players to participate and will affect the team's performance.

 Murray is calmly taking in the situation.

 “I understand that this is a historic merging of the two Koreas. But I also have mixed feelings because some of our players will have to be left out.”

 Now 12 players from North Korea are added to the roster.

 And a minimum of three of them are mandated to suit up for each game.

 Murray said there may be pressure to give all North Korean players equal chances, but she stressed that none of them would be given advantages for political reasons.

 “I believe that our team will win. We're not just going to make a line for North Korean players and help them get playing time. We just want the best players to play.”

 Murray is setting up new tactics for the North Korean players.

 North Korean players are likely to be placed on the fourth line, considering that they underperform their South Korean peers.

 Murray also said she will keep her focus on helping all the players play on a united team.

 The united ice hockey team is scheduled to play a friendly match against Sweden on Feb. 4.

 Cha Ji-yeon reporting for Yonhap News TV.


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