An interview with George Pennintaex, CAN Director General and AMAN Secretary General

In an interview for BTA George Pennintaex, CAN Director General and AMAN Secretary General, told BTA about the problems AMAN is facing. "The Mediterranean Sea concentrates a mosaic of civilizations, populations, countries, mentalities, religions, political problems and conflicts, but at the same time the Mediterranean is a sea, that brings together the South and the North, and we, the national news agencies that compose the AMAN alliance – from Portugal round up to Mauritania, we try to narrow the gap between the two shores", Mr. Pennintaex said. Apart from the politics and war conflicts, AMAN tries to find a common ground to discuss their problems and tackle with all the problems the Mediterranean region is facing. Globally, the main problem news agencies are facing, according to Mr. Pennintaex, is the big problem with themselves: how to develop themselves, how to adapt themselves to modern technologies, how to introduce new services and reach the public, how to compete with all on-line media. "I believe that in the end, the news agencies that were established decades ago and are the main sources of information for the public, will fight with this, will be flexible, abandon some services in the past and  will adapt to the new competition and the challenges that we face today." – George Pennintaex, CAN Director General and AMAN Secretary General said.


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