An interview with Clive Marshall, CEO of Press Association Group in London, President of the News Agencies World Council (NACO)

Press Association Group is the national information agency of the United Kingdom. For a hundred and fifty years, it has been providing news and information services to all media in Great Britain. According to Clive Marshall, the greatest challenges today are the increased demand for news, the changing commercial models of news agencies, the decrease in advertisement, the rise of digital platforms, and the reluctance of many young people to pay for news. That is why Press Association Group is looking for additional sources of revenue from digital platforms, social media and digital outdoors. With regards to political correctness when covering events, Clive Marshall thinks that news agencies have to keep in step with the times they operate in. Professional news agencies must provide unbiased and balanced news, and allow the clients themselves to analyze them in their social context. Clive Marshall is optimistic about the future of news and information agencies. However, they need to focus on their clients’ needs, under proper management, and remain unbiased and efficient. Gaining the public trust this way will enable news agencies to cope with fake news and be successful in the long run. Regarding the Sixth News Agencies World Congress, to be hosted by BTA in Sofia on June 13-15, 2019, Clive Marshall expects to renew his contacts with many friends from various news agencies around the world, and learn how they are coping with modern challenges. The main topics of discussion at the Congress will be Artificial Intelligence, New Sources of Revenue, Media Ownership Models. /Boriana Dimitrova/ 07.03.2019



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