Изявление на посолството на Република Йемен в София

OT 17:48:31 30-08-2019
Република Йемен - становище

Изявление на посолството на Република Йемен в София

Non-official translation

The Government of the Republic of Yemen condemns the United Arab Emirates' air strikes against the legitimate government forces in the interim capital, Aden, and the city of Zanzibar in Abyan governorate, resulting in deaths and injuries of innocent civilians and government forces. It holds the UAE fully responsible for this blatant targeting , in violation to international law and norms.

The Government of Yemen renews its demand that the United Arab Emirates stop all kinds of financial and military support for all military forces outside of state institutions and rule of law.

It calls upon the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the leader of the Coalition to Support the Legitimacy, to stand by the legitimate government and stop this illegal and unjustified military escalation.

The Government of Yemen reserves its legal right under international law and UN Charter to take all necessary measures to stop this dangerous escalation.

We call on the international community, in particular the Security Council, to condemn this blatant targeting and to assume its responsibility to maintain the security, peace, unity and territorial integrity of The Republic of Yemen in accordance with all relevant international resolutions.

29 August 2019